My experience of HBX CORe / Dr. Shrey Lakhotia  

The Credential of Readiness (CORe) program offered by the digital arm of the Harvard Business School has been a worthwhile investment of my time and money. Yeah, that is basically a financial statement, but that is what the program has given me: an entirely new way to view the things around me. I was part of the May 2016 Cohort of the CORe program.

It all started with an interest to learn about business as I am from a non-business background. I am a dentist, and I work as a Senior Research Fellow (Medical) at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in an Indo-Dutch research project. With some random searching, I came across this offering from the Harvard Business School. This suited my interests and background because I have always been interested in and had the privilege of studying and working at leading institutions. Although I was apprehensive about an online program’s worth and importance, the fact that it was created by Harvard Business School reassured me that the course was going to be worthy of my investment.

I was excited and nervous at the beginning of the program when we were exposed to the learning platform. We could connect with peers and see who was online from which part of the world. The program has three modules: Business Analytics, Financial Accounting, and Economics for Managers. I found Economics for Managers taught by Professor Bharat Anand the most interesting, although the other two professors were just as good. The initial chapter of the respective modules was easy, but the difficulty gradually increased as we progressed through the course. Solving my peers’ questions and asking some of them was a bonding experience that also deepened my understanding of the subjects. After the first week or two I could feel the pressure, as the course is a big task if one is working full time like me. However, the interesting and interactive platform kept me involved during late nights. I missed some tests, which are given after each chapter, which dampened my spirits. Nonetheless, I decided to give my best for the remaining tests rather than brooding over my mistakes especially as the course picked up the pace as we progressed. Finally, I made it to the end and wrapped up the tests. It was an emotional moment for me as it meant the end of an action-packed journey with some great minds and good friends.

I booked my final exam date, and although I was nervous, I didn’t feel very anxious due to the distribution of marks throughout the program and not just on the final exam. I was not very satisfied with my performance in the exam, and so I was eagerly waiting for the final results. After a few weeks finally, the results came, and I received a grade of “Pass,” a well-deserved award after weeks of hard work.

I realized some of my mistakes which if avoided could have increased my performance. Time management is the most important thing, especially for those who are working full time, because it is a time intensive course, especially for those who come from a non-business background like me. Completing assignments on time would not only ease the stress but also give more time to solve peer problems and take part in peer interactions, which also have a bearing on the final result. Secondly, I think I should have gone through the scoring system and the deadline criteria more carefully as it is important to understand it and then plan accordingly.

But all is well that ends well, and I absolutely loved this program which gave a direction to my life. Regardless of what career I pursue later, the knowledge I gained is going to be useful in all spheres of life, not just business. My resume has gained more weight, and I have received many more offers through my qualifications, experience, and this program.


-Dr. Shrey Lakhotia

HBX CORe Batch May 2016

(Currently working as a Senior Research Fellow at AIIMS, New Delhi)


About the author:

My name is Dr. Shrey Lakhotia from New Delhi, India. I am a dentist and am currently working at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi as a Senior Research Fellow (Medical) in an Indo-Dutch cohort study. I studied the COREx program (May 2016 batch) offered by HBX.



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