About us

Lee Silverman (Bar)


ALB degree candidate, majoring in Business and Economics, working full time as a QA engineer at a leading high-tech company in Israel. Loves traveling, reading, and writing.

Donatella Felice

Head of Editorial

Donatella was born in Darwin, Australia. She has traveled extensively throughout her life, and she is currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was accepted to the ALB program in 2016. Her areas of interest include ancient and modern history, social health, acting, and music. Her hobbies include dancing, kickboxing, and cooking.


The HES Paper’s goal is to provide students with the opportunity to connect with their peers across the globe. We want to use the power of diversity to widen the minds of the HES students and to encourage students to discover different opinions and lifestyles from around the globe. By harnessing the power of diversity, the paper hopes to create an open-minded, accepting, and active community that educates its members in the lifestyles of others. In addition, we wish to provide an opportunity to connect students to other members of HES they may not regularly interact with. The editors hope to give students a place to know their peers on a personal level as well as an academic one.

Editing Team

Kelda Fontenot

Kate Flanigan Canute

Daniel Katzenberger

Tiffani Harris Nelson

Mary Ann Rose Blackmur

Social Media Team

La’Toya Princess Jackson

Eduardo Herrera