HESP April 1, 2018

I always saw books as bridges, crossing through time and space. I see the authors building a bridge to transfer the thoughts they see, the scenes they imagine, or the situations they have lived through, to other people scattered across the world. I never thought I would be a writer or a journalist for that matter, but I think that is part of what makes HESP so special.

When I joined HES, I was so thrilled by the scattered community and looked forward to getting to know so many new people. But our community is very ununited, and so many students, particularly distant students, remain outside of it. So I started the paper, as a way to build these bridges. To create the opportunity to know those minds around the world. We are not an ordinary newspaper, after all, there are plenty of news outlets out there to let us know exactly when Trump tweets and Kim Jong-un has a bagel. However, a place that is our own, that holds an article about the economic state in India, or a tale about one’s father, that does not exist anywhere else. Where you can not only discover different people but different cultures as well.

The road was not explicitly paved for us, being completely online has rattled the few people who were not rattled by the idea of a paper. Being so different in nature than other papers, we have had to look for answers in places we’ve never thought we’d have to look. I learned a lot this past year, and if I had to sum it up to just one thing, it would be not to be afraid.

Don’t be scared to write, so many great articles we have published are not from journalists or writers.
Don’t be afraid to talk and voice your opinions, our monthly debates have been a light point in my month that I look forward to, a place where I can speak my mind and learn purely from others’ points of views. Don’t be afraid to do, because I have made amazing friends due to starting this paper.

So, write. Write like it’s your only outlet, write even if you don’t usually write. Write without fear, write while knowing our only purpose is to help you to write. Build a bridge between you and others, and who knows where it might lead you?




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