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HESP March 5, 2018

If you have been hanging out with Entrepreneurs or Innovation officers, chances are you might have heard the term Design Thinking. Over the years, Design Thinking has become one of the buzzwords in the business circle and for good reasons. So what really is Design Thinking? Before we get to that, let’s establish that Design […]

HESP February 2, 2018

We see news every day about how climate change is affecting people and places in other parts of the world. Some effects are directly measurable, such as in Venice, Italy, where the city is succumbing to sea level rise and apparently sinking into the ocean[1]. Other effects are associated with or correlated with climate change […]

HESP February 1, 2018

The amethystine asterism dotted the night, bewitching like diamonds, the cosmos shone upon the Persian Gulf. The Milky Way stretched to the ocean. A full-moon submerged into the endless skyline, like a nihilistic world of mystery. The night, emerald-colored, cannot be found outside the Arabian world. My mind calmed, then mesmerized to sleep by this fairy […]

HESP November 1, 2017

Edited by Kate Canute Technology gets a lot of flak from those who fear the prevalence of computers in our daily lives, or don’t understand its many benefits. Some fear that Artificial Intelligence, or “AI”, might eventually lead to humanity’s destruction. Yet technology has helped us overcome many problems as well. Our technological tools help […]

HESP November 1, 2017

War vs. Peace Journalism By M.A. Blackmur Jake Lynch and Johan Galtung, in their book Reporting Conflict: New Directions in Peace Journalism, present quite a bit of thought provoking information about how conflict is currently reported on and the possibilities of how this style of reporting could be improved to include peace journalism. I feel […]

HESP November 1, 2017

“Insights into the contemporary tensions in Syria can be found by examining the legacies of some of the policies implemented by the French under mandate rule.” (6 Country Profile)   When reading the Syrian profile from Harvard’s Religious Literacy Project it becomes obvious that many types of violence have been perpetuated against the people of […]

HESP October 2, 2017

 Edited by Mary Ann Blackmur Maracanã, Brazil’s home of football. Was part of a massive government graft scandal that’s responsible for more than R$750 Million being diverted from public coffers into politician’s pockets.  Rio seemed to be set in the lead-up to the Olympics. Seen as the jewel in the crown of what was being […]

HESP August 1, 2017

“I can’t make it,” I accompanied my lie with a fake smile, relieved at yet another wedding I would miss. It’s not personal. It’s just another wedding to avoid. We are good friends, since high-school, and it’s almost hard to believe that friendships like that still exist. Even though I would do anything else for […]