HESP October 2, 2017

 Edited by Mary Ann Blackmur Maracanã, Brazil’s home of football. Was part of a massive government graft scandal that’s responsible for more than R$750 Million being diverted from public coffers into politician’s pockets.  Rio seemed to be set in the lead-up to the Olympics. Seen as the jewel in the crown of what was being […]

HESP September 25, 2017

Edited by Daniel Katzenberger It was an exciting winter morning, which would mark my first day of work at my family’s business. Prior to this day, I worked for a year in investment banking at JP Morgan Chase. My father was excited for me to begin work at the family business for two reasons. First, […]

HESP August 1, 2017

  The modern nomadic life is full of joys and frustrations. One year ago my partner and I decided to move to South East Asia to bootstrap our start-up. In search of lower living expenses, pleasant climates, and unicorn developers (more on that later), we were generally unaware of the growing community known as digital […]