December Writing Contest

Submit an article about religion / holiday / holiday tradition,

and you could win a HESP shirt!

The article must have a minimum of 500 words to apply and must be submitted by December 5th.

The articles will be published in our December edition, and the most popular article will win.


Contest Rules:

  1. Articles must be submitted by December 5th, with a minimum of 500 words
  2. The HESP does not guarantee publication of every article submitted
  3. The contest will run from the publishing of the article (December 15) until the next edition (February 1st)
  4. The winner will be the article that has the most cumulative views for the entire duration
  5. The contest is subjected to the regular regulations of the Harvard Extension Student Paper, and the Harvard Extension Journalism Club
  6. The contest is open to all current HES students
  7. The paper reserves the right to cancel the competition upon low demand
  8. The paper saves the right to change the terms of the competition at any given time


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