HESP June 28, 2017

During the past few years, it seems that we encounter the word “diversity” with every step we take; it lurks behind every corner, and it hides within every goal we encounter in our social network. Diversity lost its true meaning long ago. We treat it as a slogan, as a nice logo to print on our flag. It makes us sound more sophisticated and open minded, but very few of us really experience the advantages of true diversity.

This is why we are here. Part of the reason I chose to enroll at Harvard Extension School is the amazing opportunity the school provides to interact with people all over the world. I took incredible classes and got to know fascinating people. But it felt lacking. For every interesting person I connected with, I felt I was missing ten others. It soon became clear that the true problem is the lack of a platform. As a distance student, I just didn’t have the opportunity to get to know my peers, to benefit from their unique worldview and life experiences. The more I advanced my degree, the more I felt like I was simply missing out.

I have decided to create a place that will encourage conversation and strengthen our community. This is your place. Your place to write, to talk, to comment, to express yourselves. Share your journey, share your views, tell us about you and your life. Give the rest of us a fragrant of your reflections. We accept anything you wish to contribute, a fun fact about your country or city? This is the place. A great picture you took? We want it. A cool video of you or that you have created? Here is your screen.

If you are in any way associated with the Harvard Extension School, we want to give you the opportunity to know your peers and interact with this amazing community. This is an open place and we accept and support all opinions and thoughts. Most importantly, we encourage you to keep the communication civil and peaceful.

Take a look at our Guidelines page, and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Together we can enrich our world and create a supportive, stimulating community.


I welcome you to join me here at the Harvard Extension School Paper.




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